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Welcome to SureHealth Senior Living

SureHealth Senior Living strives everyday to fulfill its commitment to providing the best care possible for your elderly loved one.
As we age, we lose our independence little by little. However, even when our dependence on other people increases or when our memory lapses become more frequent, this does not have any bearing on our dignity and our individuality. At SureHealth Senior Living, we seek to preserve your loved one’s quality of life by providing them the assistance they require with daily living activities.
We help manage their illnesses, memory deficiencies or immobility. We help them face the challenges of senior living. We do what it takes to help your loved one achieve the highest level of functioning possible while enhancing the quality of their lives. To achieve this, our staff does the following below.

Time has no effect over the love you have for your aging family members. At SureHealth Senior Living, we hope to give them the kind of care that our own family would provide. Welcome to the family. Welcome home!



Our residents and their family members found our care services to be exactly what they expected; possibly more. It really esteems us to know that we’ve made a difference in their lives. We hope to have the same effect on your family too.
Here’s what they have to say about SureHealth Senior Living.

“My mom has lived at SureHealth for 4 years now and her health has improved tremendously. The staff members are so experienced and efficient in all aspects of care giving. I have had peace of mind sinCe my mom has been at SureHealth.”
“My sister is very happy and well cared for at Surehealth. She remains active thanks to the scheduled activities and outings that are available at surehealth. My sister and the other residents are always happy. I will recommend Surehealth any time.!”
“SureHealth provided excellent care and a safe environment for my parents. The personal attention given to my father by the Director and staff when he was hospitalized really touched my heart. Thank you so much SureHealth for allowing me be at peace.”
What we do


At SureHealth Senior Living, we provide our residents with personalized professional services. We charge a monthly fee for the provision of assisted living care and other supplementary personal attention that is necessary to maintain the residents’ health and well-being.
These services are all-inclusive in the monthly fee, including medication administration and other supplies. There are no itemized extra costs or rate increases for 12 months.

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